The Audit Body of Montenegro participated in the regional conference of Audit Bodies of IPA users, which was held on October 19 and 20, 2023 in Istanbul.  The main topic of the conference was the experiences gained from IPA II as well as the future challenges in auditing when it comes to IPA III.

The opening speech was given by Ahmet Tutal, chief auditor of the Audit Authority of Turkey. Representatives of the Audit Bodies of IPA users – North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Turkey, and Montenegro, as well as representatives of the Croatian Audit Body, OLAF and DG AGRI, played an active role at the conference.

Chief Auditor Ksenija Barjaktarović, on behalf of the Audit Body of Montenegro, gave a presentation in which she presented the current situation in the Audit Body, plans to strengthen capacity, experience related to IPA II, interesting findings during the implementation of audits in the IPA II program period, as well as future challenges when in to the question of IPA III.

Colleague Rina Mučaj was one of the participants in the panel where coordination between OLAF, AFCOS and audit bodies was discussed, as well as future challenges in IPA III.

There was also talk about general problems faced by audit bodies during audits, their findings and recommendations.

Examples of good practice that can be used to improve the results obtained through the use of EU funds were also discussed.  The conference also discussed the need for better coordination between OLAF, AFCOS and audit bodies in order to contribute to better protection of EU funds.